Who says you can't kill mutants?

What’s this all about anyways?

This here website blog thingie is the repository for the Gamma World Summer of Fun (and mutants) campaign!  Up above, you’ll see tabs for all the various things that I think you might need, which generally will link to blog posts for more detailed information.

For the players:
All the information you could want or need as reference to the campaign will at some point makes its way up here.  Use this please… it’ll make our lives all a little easier (hopefully).

For everyone else:
Welcome!  You’ll get to see an inside look of a Gamma World campaign as the story of a group of mutants in California’s Central Valley progresses.  Along with this, I’ll post major traps, encounters, riddles, puzzles, and general challenges the PC’s have in hopes that if someone stumbles across this information, they can adapt it and use it for their own campaign.  If you do end up using something, please let me know so i get the warm fuzzies 🙂

Feedback is welcome and thanks for stopping by!


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