Who says you can't kill mutants?

Important Faction Information

It’s a dangerous world now after the nuclear wars spliced timelines and universes together… It’d be nice to know a little bit more about the major players in the area, don’t you think?

Knights of Genetic Purity (Purists):
“Being human is more than behavior or appearance.  It is purity, plain and simple.  And it is our duty to ensure that we remain unsullied, to preserve our kind against those that would threaten us.”

A red square on a white banner is the only warning that filthy mutants get when the Knights of Genetic Purity alliance is on the march.  Too long have humans allowed mutants to take their jobs and their women, to move into their communities and bring down their property values, to contaminate their blood with filthy mutation.  The Purists have had enough and believe it’s time to restore humans to their place at the top of the food chain.

Children of the Atom (Radioactivists):
“Fear not the tentacle! The gift of mutation demonstrates the Atom’s favor.  Embrace your form, and know you are made in god’s perfect image.”

Gamma Terra is awash with radioactivity, and in every place it spills a glorious glow into the night sky, some nut job will worship it.  The Children of the Atom is a horde of such nut jobs, bundled together and sold at cost.  Members believe that the nuclear wars were a salvation of radioactivity brought to the world by a messiah, leaving behind the endless energy of the Atom as its legacy.  To a Radioactivist, being exposed to radioactive materials means basking in holiness, and the mutations that blossom on flash exposed to radiation are judgments passed by the almighty Atom.  Thus, mutants, blessed with great powers, are the Atom’s chosen people.


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