Who says you can't kill mutants?

Session #1 Journal (DM)

The mutants Erebus (a Pyrokinetic/Cryokinetic) and Okochino (a Siesmic/Giant), overhearing a commotion in a Home Depot in Stockton, CA decide to investigate individually.  They find the remnants of a great battle over what seemed to be a small stuffed animal, and although not knowing each other, decided to investigate a noise coming from the break room.  Upon searching they found the source of the noise to be 3 imprisoned mutants in a secret room hidden behind soda machines.  After awkward introductions, Puffin (a Magnetic/Plant), Blocky the Friendly Robot (Nightmare/Android), and Bolehs (a mutated and all together strange NPC) it was discovered that the Knights of Genetic Purity were the people that had captured the prisoners.  After Puffin used her deft reflexes to snag a prize from a still working prize machine, the group followed Bolehs off to a safe house that he knew of where the Knights wouldn’t find them…

Once in the house’s basement in North Stockton, Bolehs told the group to make themselves at home and come pray with him.  It was determined that he was a member of the group “Children of the Atom”, and after a confrontation with a stubborn/rude Puffin, Bolehs showed his true form and ripped forth from his skin into a mutated humanoid spider.  A battle ensued with Bolehs and some of his “children”; tiny spiderlings under his control which would paralyze and weaken the group from the shadows.  The remnants of the adventurers survived with minimal damage and Erebus set fire to the cache of eggs which held Bolehs’ unborn children.

The adventurers then continued to find a secret cave system which seemed to be carved out by Bolehs and his minions.  In the back corner of a larger, well-kept cave, the adventurers found a panel which held a hint to the pass-code that would activate whatever it controlled.  In an impressive showing of mental acuity, Okochino quickly came up with the answer and input it.  To the group’s surprise, the earth started to shake and grinding noises were heard echoing throughout the cave system…


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