Who says you can't kill mutants?

Session #2 Journal (DM)

While Puffin and Erebus rested from the previous battle, Okochino and Blocky decided to investigate the grinding noises.  To their surprise, the grinding seemed to be hidden walls opening up and revealing a new tunnel and two ladders leading up to the surface.  Glancing down the passage, they met with Fiery M (a Pyrokinetic/Fungoid) who was a mutant that had been captured and left to die in the then closed off tunnel since he refused to “embrace the atom”.  Letting Fiery M join up, the three decided to investigate the ladders before venturing deeper into the cave system using the new tunnel.

To their surprise, the ladders led to two facilities that could become useful for them!

The first facility was a general store which was in relatively good repair, well stocked with basic survival gear, and seemed to be well defensible as the windows and doors were intact and barred with strong gates and physical locks.  After scavenging some unique and potentially useful items from the shelves.  Beyond this, a small army surplus section was found to house all the basic military gear one could want in a post-apocalyptic world.  At the base of the this area was a small supply crate that was locked electronically and had safeguards to avoid tampering with it; scrawled on it was writing and symbols that might help to lead them to the opening of it…(Locked Supply Crate)

The second facility was an auto body type garage.  Surprisingly, most of the necessary tools and parts to maintain a vehicle could be scrounged along with fuel to power them.  Even more surprisingly, a military Jeep and military Hummer were sitting there, just waiting for small repairs to get moving!  After taking shifts throughout the night working on the vehicles, Okochino, Blocky, and Fiery M’s mastery of mechanics got them up and running.  The three of them did realize that with more time and effort, these vehicles could become mobile fortresses for them.

Overall it seemed as though this safe house was actually a resupply point for the Children of the Atom, and that Bolehs was in fact the caretaker of this station.

Erebus and Puffin still were exhausted form the hatchling’s venom that had seeped into them, let the remaining members of the group explore the final tunnel on their own.  The caves were complete with glowing mushrooms and crumbling floors leading to radioactive sludge pits, until a power plant of some sort was stumbled upon.  Small guard bots awakened and attacked Okochino, Blocky, and Fiery M drawing extra power from a reactor powered by the radioactive sludge flowing under the adventurer’s feet.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, the ceiling started to close in on the three of them and all the doors sealed tightly, with no visible mechanisms to open them!  While finishing off the rest of the bots, the three noticed a hemispherical metal protrusion from the center of the room.  Okochino pressed the top of it and the ceiling quickly reset to its starting position to everyone’s relief…  Only to be horrified that the ceiling started to move back down at the same rate it was before!  The three then scoured the room searching for some way out, or some secret button, all the while pressing the central hemisphere and resetting it.  In a moment of mental exhaustion, all three laid on the floor and were so focused on finding a way out forgot to press the button.  To their shock, the ceiling stopped just short of crushing them, and reset completely with the doors to the room opening.  Upon closer inspection, it was a security system developed by the Xi corporation that was meant to occupy the intruders of a facility in a non-destructive manner.

Following the tunnel to its end revealed a small cave with some hidden (albiet poorly hidden) Omega technology that the group confiscated as payment for the mental hoops they had just jumped through.

What will the group do now that they have supplies, vehicles, fuel, and a potential power source (found in the reactor embedded in the ground)?  Will they leave this safe-house that they aren’t welcome in or drive off into the sunset?  Tune in next week to find out!


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