Who says you can't kill mutants?

Touchscreen Door Panel Riddle

Here is the riddle that the group solved extremely quickly (mildly disappointing for me as it was supposed to tide them from one session to the next and they solved it within 5 minutes). The first panel was after it lit up with flavor text and asked them to say the passcode (through a disembodied voice).

When they started talking to each other after a ~30 seconds the panel asked if someone was there and if it wanted help.  The group responded yes and the panel offered to answer 3 questions.  When the first time someone asked a question during normal conversation such as “What should we ask it?”, the panel responded by letting the group know a question had been used and that there were X left.  This frustrated the group and they left the room and tried to figure out good questions to ask, but all that was a red herring.  Once the 3 questions were asked it went into “Hint mode” (like a Windows logon does if you type the wrong answer too many times), which is where the real clue came from.

The answer to the riddle is “Never going to give you up”. Once the answer was given, the screen changed to:

The party was Rickrolled and music played, but hidden doors opened and they could progress.  The nice bit is that it was able to be a good riddle for them to solve, fit well with the futuristic theme, and fit well with Gamma World because… well… you got Rickrolled 😉


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  1. Erebus

    You clever bastard!

    June 23, 2012 at 4:52 pm

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