Who says you can't kill mutants?

Erebus’s Thoughts #1

Moments after the [insert group name here] decided to head North-East to Tahoe, Erebus reflects:

Oh, thank Darwin, they’re willing to go to Tahoe. I’m sure it matches some of their desires, like a safe haven and all, a place to run a rebellion. I mean it’d be a great fortress ’cause the mountains and stuff. But I need to know what happened in that Lake. I remember diving down there, with Dr. Isig because Dr. Brand was already there. The labs that had been built by UCLT and NSULT somehow both tapped into the same glacial/thermal . . . uh, what was it? Something . . . a thingie I guess. I was near it, for Dr. Brand, while Dr. Isig thought I was getting equipment. Then I was rocketing through the water, the air, and then crashing in that city, Stockton, not far from that Home Depot. I kinda remember Stockton, I spent time there at some time, but when? And why was I working for both Dr.s? What was I doing there? I know I have to pay something; I own someone something . . . but I can’t remember. Whatever the case, it seems like everyone is on board, although Okochino didn’t seem like he liked my idea as much, so I’ll have be careful with him. Otherwise, Fiery M, Puffin, and Blocky were more receptive to the idea.

We’re good though: Fiery M’s plan to drive the backroads should get us to Tahoe safely. And we’ve two cars, which is cool. And our group seems well rounded, we defeated that spider-thingie too. So, I guess, we’ll drive into the mountains and arrive at South Lake Tahoe and that’s where UCLT’s campus is and I think they have a submersible, but I can’t remember . . . but if we can find it we can descend to the lab and maybe get some answers. . . Oh, looks like Okochino needs help with those two guns on the hood of the humvee, I’ll go give him a hand and maybe he’ll like me more for it?


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