Who says you can't kill mutants?

Erebus’s Thoughts #2

As Erebus lays on the ground, near to death.

*wracking coughs and bleeding*

. . . Shit, that fucking nerd knocked me down. I had him! He was just too fast. I hope Okochino is okay. It looked like he fainted, or something . . . I can’t see him. It sounds like Blocky and Puffin have stuff in hand . . . I hope. Whatever took Okochino down, seemed very similar to what knocked Fiery M out; those weird spores or whatever they are in the air.

*wracking coughs and bleeding*

Maybe when this is done, if we survive, we can search the houses? Could there be anything worthwhile in them?

*wracking coughs and bleeding*

. . . Snow . . . I forgot about snow. Blocky makes a good point: winters in Tahoe are hard. I hadn’t thought about that. And the water quality might be bad. I’m sure there are bad things about the valley. Maybe? I don’t know. Still, I have to know what happened there. Besides, the University of California, Lake Tahoe, and Nevada State University, Lake Tahoe, were the two largest research universities on the West Coast (especially after LA flooded) and they had that water treatment thingie there that they liked to boast about. Whatever though, it sounds like everyone’s still willing to go despite the hazards. We can find out what happened there . . .

*wracking coughs and bleeding*

Huh? . . . It sounds like the battle is over? Gosh, they always go by so fast . . . that was like a minute or two. Oh, here they come, thank Darwin, we won . . . good. Maybe we can see what these jokers were about.


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