Who says you can't kill mutants?

Session #4 Journal (DM)

The group looks at the map of the central valley and wonders “Where is that great spot to go now?”  Ideas are still kicked around as this is an extremely important turning point in the mutant’s lives.

“Maybe we can check out Tahoe and start the colony of acceptance there?”

Blocky points out that the valley gets snowed in every year…

“Maybe we can go kill the Knights?”

Plasmanita Muscbustion points out that maybe they’re slightly not strong enough to take them on yet…

“Let’s check out this Leena girl and see if we can find her and her family?”

Well that actually seemed reasonable to everyone.  The group thinks and decides that even in a lawless town like Stockton there has to be some kind of public records that they could access to find her, so they search around but to no avail; Stockton has no records of anyone living there and no form of real government since the “Bankruptcy Scandals of 2013”.  As luck would/wouldn’t have it, they come across a few Fen (Fish Folk) on the levee road who seem to know a small amount about Leena and her family.  The group first tries intimidation and almost runs over the Fen as a whole, when they decide against it and to just hear out the quivering voice speaking to them.

“Do you have any food to spare us?  I’m just trying to feed my 3 children and I’ve never tried to hold anyone up before this… Please forgive and have some mercy on me.”

The group gives him a few food rations after he tells them what little information he knows about Leena.  He knew that the Children of the Atom had caused a ruckus and taken away someone strong just a few days ago near the University of the Pacific’s campus.  Whether that was Leena or not, the group would have to investigate to find out.

At the campus the group finds Burns tower to be in disarray as a battle looks to had taken place.  There’s a note on the door saying “If you ever want to see your Fluffy again, you’ll do well to come to the Home Depot sooner rather than later.” all written in earwax.  This must have had something to do with the dead mutants Erebus and Okochino had originally found in the Home Depot before Puffin, Blocky, and Bolehs had been freed.  A computer inside the tower revealed some security footage of the event, but also the address of Leena and her family.  Fortuitously it was right across the street and within a short walking distance, so an investigation was quickly underway.  Blood, disarray, and a standard pot were all that was to be found at the residence.  The group’s consensus based on the evidence was that the family packed up and left while Leena had been taken by the Children of the Atom.  To go after her was the real decision now…

Tahoe though seemed like the best route to take now.  Investigate the explosion that caused Erebus’ mutations and see if it something that can be harnessed by the group for their own ends, and leave before the winter snows come into the area.  Using the map found in Bolehs’ lair a route is planned that will hopefully get them not only to Tahoe safely, but also find the cave shown in the map from the supply crate.  It looked to be near the intersection of 12 and 88 when the group studied the formations and road placement when compared to their resources.  When searching the area for downed trees though, no church was easily seen from the road.  Puffin came up with the idea that the map may have been made earlier than the recent landscape reflected, and a stump might be what they are looking for rather than an entire tree.  As a whole, the group decided it would be too dangerous to confron the refugee family at this point and that it would take too much time away from their main focus of Tahoe.  Besides, the family could still be there when the group traveled back from Tahoe into the Central Valley.

Coming upon a small one street town that was desolate and abandoned, the group was wary as things were too quiet for their liking…  It turned out those instincts were right as a group of zombified office drones came out in full force seemingly controlled by nerdy IT employees.  The battle was difficult as Erebus almost died, but the group pulled through and defeated the nerds.  The fight turned to their favor in large part from Blocky and her rage that was unleashed in the fight.  Her lasers and tight grip around their necks quickly made work of them as they exploded in a rain of flesh.  Looking closely at the decimated body of one of the nerds in control, they saw a computer monitor and keyboard sticking out of his torso, with a cursor still blinking.  After they accessed the system they were greeted with maps of the general area with many overlays that could be toggled on and off.  From these they were able to surmise that they had stumbled into an ambush meant for a caravan that was believed to come along their route, and that there were some odd relay stations that blanketed the mountainous regions close to them.

What were these relays?  Who controlled them?  Would this caravan be friendly to them if a meeting were to occur?  All this and more will be answered next week!


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