Who says you can't kill mutants?

Session #5 Journal (DM)

With the zombified office drone’s small amount of gear looted, the group does the math and realizes they have enough gas to try and find this caravan and make it to Tahoe.  The journey is started but before they can reach the area dictated by the supply crate map night falls and camp must be made.  Between Erebus and Puffin, a great location is scouted that is both close enough to the road that they could hear people coming, while being secluded enough that their location would likely not be found. Luckily the night went quickly and uneventfully with shifts being taken during the night’s watch.  With the sunrise came a new outlook on their plan; it was decided that the time it would take to meet the caravan wasn’t worth the possibility of them also being hostile.

Turning around and returning on the path to Tahoe, the valley was found with no ill events.  As a point of interest however, the group searched for one of the relay towers.  Between Puffin’s ability to discern non-natural objects in her surroundings and Plasmanita’s general awareness of his surroundings the relay was quickly found!  Disguised as a tree a small electrical box is found on the side hidden from the road.  The box is opened and Blocky carefully dismantles the components finding the “Zombie Corp.” logo on the underside of one integrated circuits.  Turning off the relay by taking the circuit was all that the group could do as they didn’t know what the motives were behind the relays.  All they knew was that the people that the zombified group of office drones that attacked them were somehow involved, and that hurting their equipment couldn’t be a bad thing.

Stopping off at the top to fill up the Humvee with gas again was done and a plan to save one of their most precious resources (gas) was made; they would coast down to the actual town Puffin was so excited about their arrival that on the way down the road to South Tahoe Proper she decided to “Ghost Ride the Whip” which almost ended in her losing her life.  Blocky’s quick driving skills saved Puffin’s life, but resulted in Puffin breaking a limb and some of the Jeep’s reinforced siding being irreparably broken.  The fiasco led to Puffin being severely chastised and embarrassed, because stupid mistakes like that could not happen if they were all to live to see the end of the day.  Beyond this, the group was able to see Tahoe’s clear blue waters, but were surprised to see a large black area in the center of the deepest part of the lake…

Upon arrival in the town, the group noticed that it was very quiet, but dismissed it quickly and went straight for the University’s southern boat house.  Inside was a small rowboat, a larger sailboat, and some scuba gear was found.  This could all be useful, but the main item they had come for, a submersible vessel, was missing.  The reason for this was most likely due to the submersible being used during the explosion, but since everything else looked so pristine in the town it was still surprising to Erebus.

Having still not seen anyone, the group decide to use a small boat with an outboard motor to cross Lake Tahoe in search of the second submersible stationed at the other research facility in Incline Village.  The added bonus of being able to investigate the blackness as they crossed the lake was soon found to be more than they were bargaining for; as they grew closer to the center of the darkness a purple miasma started to swirl around them.  The closer they got to the center the darker it became, with the water starting to pull in towards the center.  The group decided (after serious debates about whether they should just swim down as deep as the could into the blackness) that they didn’t know what would happen to them if they did and it was just too risky at this point.  Instead they headed towards the northern research center and were back on their way.

Making it to the boat house there was no second submersible found prompting an investigation of the town.  Finding a gas station that looked open across the street, the group thought it would be good to grab any last minute supplies and find a local to see if there had been any happenings in the town.  Being careful they looked inside to find lights on but no one behind the counter…  In fact, there was no one there at all.  The TV was on and broadcasting but it was a still image and a constant noise.  Flipping through channels, the group found that every channel was stuck on just an image.  Erebus noticed the time on a news channel matched the clock on the wall and the approximate time the large explosion that ejected him from the lake.  More important than that however, was the fact that the time seen on the electronics wasn’t the time of day that it was…

Not entirely sure what to make of this, the group decided to soldier on to the research center and look at the labs that Erebus didn’t have access to while being a grad student.  He knew that there was lots of construction and high-end equipment that was being brought down to newly made basement levels, but beyond that, he didn’t have any ideas as to what actually was down there.  Making it inside Erebus directed everyone that the labs used keycard access and that the secretary’s desk might be able to help them find a way in.  Blocky, using her computational expertise, quickly got a card reader/writer working on the pristine computer and with Plasmanita’s help in finding blank cards, created one with proper security clearances.  While on the computer, Blocky noticed something of interest; the clock on the computer here was working fine and gave them the correct time.

Looking at the elevator down, the group knew that they must venture into the depths of the lab and see what exactly awaited them below.  What happened in Tahoe?  What is hidden down below the layers of concrete and dirt?  Do they really want to know what is down there?  Only time will tell!


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