Who says you can't kill mutants?

Session #6 Journal (DM)

Cautiously looking at the elevator, the swipe card is used and the doors open.  The group search the elevator as much as they can from the outside and notice nothing unusual except the sound of a light whir coming from a security camera located inside the elevator.  They step inside and find another keycard swiper.  Erebus swipes and directs the elevator towards level 6, as that is where he remembers the construction was done and the heavy machinery was brought.  The light hum of the elevator moving starts and the doors open…

The group steps off the elevator and are welcomed by a 70 foot long “T” shaped hallway that is pristine, futuristic, and seemingly innocuous.  One end has holes in the wall and what looks like a door on the adjacent wall, and the other end has a door that is easily visible.  Besides these the walls have a metallic sheen and seem to be made of some metal that has been embedded with a white tone (think Portal styled).  Plasmanita notices that the floor has 2 slightly different colors to it.  the 10 feet closest to the easily visible door is a lighter shade of gray than the rest.  Being wary of some kind of trap, Plasmanita and Erebus slowly and carefully search the hallway by stepping into it and using a 10 foot pole to poke the different colored floor.  Nothing happens.  They see some kind of square bump on the wall which they also touch. Nothing happens.  They stand there looking tense.  Nothing happens.  As far as they can tell the hallway is safe so Blocky steps out into it.  As soon as her feet touch the floor, the hallway acts like a huge treadmill.  Spikes start to protrude from the wall with the holes in it as the group is dragged towards a certain spike-filled doom.  Plasmanita sees the square bump on the wall, now known to be a cover, slide away and a button is revealed.  Plasmanita is able to keep up with the moving floor and jumps off to hit the burron just as Blocky is about to ram into the spiked wall!  A momentary glimpse of happiness is seen on his face as he has successfully pressed what must be the stop button, until he reads the words below it saying “reverse”.  The floor instantly reverses direction throwing the entire party through the door and down a stairwell hurting them all in the process.

Brushing themselves off and standing up they are faced with another door.  Plasmanita points out that they are now lower then the lowest level the elevator would take them and is mildly worried about what, or who might lie ahead.  The group decides to push forward as they want answers, and that they had come far enough that turning back wasn’t an option.  The door slides out of the way revealing a large empty room with a door on the opposite wall.  Afraid of having everyone go into the room due to the hallway previously encountered, Erebus stays behind and peers in as much as he can.  Plasmanita and Blocky look above to see what looks like storage lockers and omega tech through a transparant ceiling.  Searching for a way in, Plasmanit is able to step on Blocky’s shoulder and prys open a ceiling tile that has a notch in it.  Erebus comes into the room thinking its safe, but as soon as Plasmanita gets into the upper section he sees absolutely nothing.  There are no crates.  There is no omega tech.  Just an empty crawlspace.  Before anyone can do anythign, the floor drops out from underneath Erebus and Blocky, while the ceiling evaporates revealing it to be a forcefield and hologram.  The trio fall down a metallic funnel landing on one another in a pile.  A stairwell is next to them leading upwards towards the last room and presumabley the door that they did not enter.  Regroupoing from the damage the group staunches bleeding and moves through the short hallway they were dumped into towards yet another door.

Opening this door reveals an 80 foot long and wide room with four large metallic posts in them that reach floor to ceiling.  From each of the posts, a wall of different colored light is extended until it reaches the next post.  Directly across the room is a door, and the only visible exit.  The group is careful to not assume that there is no danger and Plasmanita takes a ball of duct tape that he made and throws it through the colored wall in front of them.  The tapes melts partway and sits in a smoking lump on the ground.

“They must be laser walls!” Erebus declares, while the other two look at him in a “duh” tone.

Its decided that they would just walk around and that Blocky should go first; one person at a time to see what would happen.  Blocky steps into the room and the towers all start to rotate clockwise, taking the colored walls with them.  She is quick to avoid them and Erebus and Plasmanita see an opportunity to run straight across the room while the lasers are rotated such that they wouldn’t hit them.  When they both get into the room and start to run they realize that the posts are moving quicker than before.  Much quicker in fact.  So fast that the three have to run and make fast on the move decisions to avoid getting hit.  Using impressive feats of dexterity and thinking through the situation, everyone makes it through the room to the otherside unscathed.

Plasmanita comments, “That… *heavy breath*… Was tiring.”

Blocky looks at her panting friends and says with a smile, “Its times like this that I’m happy I don’t have to breath.”

Another long hallway stretches in front of them, but this time it is completely empty, save for a door at the other end.  They cautiously step towards the door and a painted wall slams down in front of them blocking the entire hallway off.  Blocky leans on the wall after a short investigation and feels the wall give a large amount.  She charges through what turns out to be canvas on a wood frame and feels like a badass.  Its a short lived feeling as another wall slams down in front of Blocky, yet again blocking their path.  Erebus and Plasmanita step through the canvas wall and examine this new wall.  It seems thin enough and hollow, so the same technique is attempted.  Blocky bursts through a painted section of sheetrock unscathed and everyone follows her lead.  Yet another wall slams down in front of them and it is eventually indentified as a concrete slab.  Erebus and Plasmanita have the idea to heat and cool the concrete in one spot rapidly and then have Blocky slam that spot.  Although the process is much slower than the previous two walls, the group breaks through eventually just 20 feet from the door.  As they are about to reach the door, a set of thin metallic tubes shoot from the walls forming a blockade.  They’re spaced thin enough that you could stick an arm through but not much else, and the keycard reader that would presumably open the door is just out of reach.  Instead of trying to reach through and potentially drop the card, or break through the tubes, Plasmanita feels his body change slightly.  He knows this change is an alpha flux, something that all mutants can have happen.  Luckily he can control the timing of his and realizes that this particular short-term mutation is liquification.  In short order, he liquifies his body and slides under the tubes and easily avoids all of them.  Taking the key card and sliding it through the reader, the tubes retract letting Erebus and blocky through, and the doors slide open.  What they see inside is not what they expected though, for this isn’t any ordinary room…


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