Who says you can't kill mutants?


Session #2 Journal (DM)

While Puffin and Erebus rested from the previous battle, Okochino and Blocky decided to investigate the grinding noises.  To their surprise, the grinding seemed to be hidden walls opening up and revealing a new tunnel and two ladders leading up to the surface.  Glancing down the passage, they met with Fiery M (a Pyrokinetic/Fungoid) who was a mutant that had been captured and left to die in the then closed off tunnel since he refused to “embrace the atom”.  Letting Fiery M join up, the three decided to investigate the ladders before venturing deeper into the cave system using the new tunnel.
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Session #1 Journal (DM)

The mutants Erebus (a Pyrokinetic/Cryokinetic) and Okochino (a Siesmic/Giant), overhearing a commotion in a Home Depot in Stockton, CA decide to investigate individually.  They find the remnants of a great battle over what seemed to be a small stuffed animal, and although not knowing each other, decided to investigate a noise coming from the break room.  Upon searching they found the source of the noise to be 3 imprisoned mutants in a secret room hidden behind soda machines.  After awkward introductions, Puffin (a Magnetic/Plant), Blocky the Friendly Robot (Nightmare/Android), and Bolehs (a mutated and all together strange NPC) it was discovered that the Knights of Genetic Purity were the people that had captured the prisoners.  After Puffin used her deft reflexes to snag a prize from a still working prize machine, the group followed Bolehs off to a safe house that he knew of where the Knights wouldn’t find them…
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Locked Supply Crate

The group found a locked supply crate in a room filled with army surplus goods.  It has strange symbols written on it in marker, with a small touchscreen asking for the passcode and rows of the strange symbols below on the screen (which one assumes is a kind of input device).  Any attempts at opening the box resulted in a shock, and the material looks to be quite impervious to brute force.
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Campaign Direction

So if everyone can do me a favor and just jot down some of the things you might want to see happen/what you want to do/what you want to get out of this and let me know I’d super appreciate it 😀
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Important Faction Information

It’s a dangerous world now after the nuclear wars spliced timelines and universes together… It’d be nice to know a little bit more about the major players in the area, don’t you think?
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