Who says you can't kill mutants?


Session #3 Journal (DM)

Blocky cries, “I got it!!!”  Everyone looks at her staring at the LOCKED SUPPLY CRATE and comes over to see what she meant.

“It’s a code!  See?!?!”  She explains the basics and everyone starts to understand more and more contributing bits and pieces to the overall puzzle until the box pops open with a “click”.  Inside is a heartfelt note from a father to his daughter, a map to what might be the family’s new home, and some gear that was meant to help protect her on the dangerous journey there.  They wonder who this Leena was and what might have happened to her family…  That mystery would have to be solved another day though, as there was work to be done.

The intrepid group of adventurers all looked at their jeeps and decided “You know, these are nice and all… but a few full auto guns on the hood would do wonders for this Humvee!  And maybe we can make them on a string to fire from the inside!  And a cowcatcher… gotta have one of those in case of ramming emergencies where we plow through a group.  And reinforced siding on the Jeep…”  This went on until the vehicles were successfully outfitted and ready to go.  Next was the oh so dreaded “inventory management” (as the metagamer would say).  The group had to come up with a list of supplies they wanted to scrounge from the safehouse, and see if they could successfully find them amidst the various tools/junk that were in the safehouse.  This left everyone with one burning question…

Where do we go from here?  Seek out and destroy the Children of the Atom? Seek out and destroy the Knights of Genetic Purity?  Create a safe haven somewhere for all mutant and humankind?  Head to South Lake Tahoe to investigate an unatural explosion Erebus was involved in that might be related to the “Great Event”?  Find this Leena that the note talked of?

Only time/group consensus will tell what happens!


Session #6 Journal (DM)

Cautiously looking at the elevator, the swipe card is used and the doors open.  The group search the elevator as much as they can from the outside and notice nothing unusual except the sound of a light whir coming from a security camera located inside the elevator.  They step inside and find another keycard swiper.  Erebus swipes and directs the elevator towards level 6, as that is where he remembers the construction was done and the heavy machinery was brought.  The light hum of the elevator moving starts and the doors open…


Session #5 Journal (DM)

With the zombified office drone’s small amount of gear looted, the group does the math and realizes they have enough gas to try and find this caravan and make it to Tahoe.  The journey is started but before they can reach the area dictated by the supply crate map night falls and camp must be made.  Between Erebus and Puffin, a great location is scouted that is both close enough to the road that they could hear people coming, while being secluded enough that their location would likely not be found. Luckily the night went quickly and uneventfully with shifts being taken during the night’s watch.  With the sunrise came a new outlook on their plan; it was decided that the time it would take to meet the caravan wasn’t worth the possibility of them also being hostile.